** Please note changes have been made to both the retail and label code of conduct ahead of RSDC 2024 so read through carefully.**


Sign up for RSD 2024 is now closed.
Sign up for retailers is now closed. Please check back here later in the year for details on how to sign up for RSD 2025.


Submissions for RSD BLACK FRIDAY 2024 are now closed.

Label sign up is now closed. We are no longer taking submissions for RSD BLACK FRIDAY 2024.

Use of the Record Store Day logo...

If you wish to use the logo you must obtain permission from the Record Store Day organisers, who may give permission and will need to approve printed materials etc in advance.

How do I get my Record Store Day release to stores?

First, you sign a label code of conduct as outlined above. Then, product is sold to stores in the normal way through your standard distributor. Record Store Day are not involved in the order or distribution process. You may only sell to Record Store Day stores, a full list of which will be provided to all labels and distributors supplying product for Record Store Day.

I want to perform on Record Store Day...

Let us know the area you wish to perform in and we can let local stores know you are available but arrangements must be made direct with the store. You can find local stores by using our store search function and set up a performance direct. The Record Store Day organisers do not arrange the in-store events as each store is responsible for their own activities.

I have a disability and would still like to take part in Record Store Day...

Record Store Day Canada is aware that some of our customers have disabilities and participating in Record Store Day can be more challenging.

Our stores are under no obligation to offer preferential treatment (like reserving product) but they do take positive steps to remove the barriers faced because of their disability to ensure customers can receive the same services, as far as this is possible, as someone who is not disabled.

Our stores are asked to take steps to make access easier but it is not possible to experience an event like Record Store day without going to the place in which it is taking place.

RSD stores are under a strict code not to reserve items and to sell them on a first come first served basis.

The best option for many is to ask a friend or family member to queue up as this is the best way to guarantee they will get the product they want.

Stores are also asked to make reasonable adjustments for those with disabilities including for example the following:
  • Ensuring, if possible, wheelchairs can access the shop with ramps or offering alternatives such as bringing product out to them outside the shop, giving a numbered ticket for their place in the queue, asking another person to hold their slot etc.
  • Offering a chair, place to sit, numbered queue place holder etc.
  • Offering a quiet location to wait, a numbered queue place holder or to bring product out to them etc.
  • Ensuring if possible that customers can be helped downstairs etc or that products can be brought to them in a location they can access.
We kindly ask customers not to pressure stores into reserving product which is in breach of the RSD rules

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