X-Cops-You Have The Right To Remain Silent

Label: Brutal Planet Records
Format: 12" LP Red Vinyl w 12x18 Poster

Brought to you by Limited Run Vinyl, the company who released Randy Macho Man Savage and In This Moment - Beautiful Tragedy! Officially licensed from Metal Blade Records and approved by the band • The original lineup featuring Lt. Louie Scrapinetti (Mike Derks), Cadet Billy Club (Mike Dunn), Patrolman Cobb Knobbler (Dave Brockie), Sgt. Al Depantsia (Pete Lee), Sherriff Tubb Tucker (Casey Orr), Mountain Bike Officer Biff Buff (Brad Roberts), Sgt. Zypygski (Bob Gorman), and Detective Philip McRevis (Dave Musel) • Originally released in 1995 on CD and Cassette only and long out-of-print with no reissues of any kind! • Remastered by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound for maximum audio assault • Includes 12x18 poster • Includes 12x12 full color lyrics / pics insert • Blood-Red Splatter Vinyl • Includes cover of Deep Purple's “Highway Star” with modified lyrics • Crossover metal for fans of MOD, SOD, The Exploited, DRI, Suicidal Tendencies with a 90's twist and more! • UPC: 637405140903 Originally released in 1995 on Metal Blade Records, You Have the Right to Remain Silent is shock rock from members of the band GWAR and other musicians connected to the band. Peter Lee started this band after being shot in a failed car jacking attempt. The idea for X-Cops sparked while filming a commercial segment for Gwar's Skulhedface. Lee and Dave Brockie were dressed as police officers and Lee pondered, “What would be cooler than a bunch of cops playing kick-ass rock and roll?” This led to Lee, Brockie and GWAR's drum technician, Mike Dunn, starting X-Cops as a three-piece band. You Have the Right to Remain Silent is more metal-oriented than what GWAR was releasing at the time (1995), with speed metal riffs, drums & relentless energy. While the lyrics are roll-on-the-floor laughable (intentionally), the music is seriously amazing. The cover of Deep Purple's ‘Highway Star' has to be the best cover ever of this classic song - (lyrically enhanced and all!). ‘Barbells', ‘Cavity Search', ‘Welcome To New Jersey', ‘Paddy Wagon Rape' are all fans favorites to this day. Highly recommended for those with a taste for offensive/tasteless/sick humor! If you're a fan of GWAR & know what GWAR's all about, then you've been missing out & should pick up this remastered album right away! X-Cops is an essential listening experience! This is the first time the album has ever been reissued and the first time ever released on vinyl (blood red splatter on clear vinyl). It comes with a full color 12x12 insert with lyrics. Limited to just 300 copies world-wide, so order now to secure your copy. WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT X-COPS... It's hard to pick a definite favorite because the whole album kicks ass. They even throw in a great cover of “Highway Star,” with some lyrical alterations to fit the X-Cops concept. Absolutely essential for GWAR fans, and highly recommended for fans of punk and thrash. -The Sexecutione SICK group comprised mainly of the good ol' boys of GWAR, X-Cops somehow manages to get more brutal than the band that spawned them. Orr's snarling vocals go along with the million-mile-an-hour drum blasts, accompanied well by Brockie on bass and Derks on guitar. Imagine death metal, thrash, punk and speed metal rolled into one blistering experience and that's what X-Cops is. The high points are the eerie “Cavity Search” and “The Party's Over,” for lightening up the pace of the album for a minute or two, plus it's got a killer bass line. Right to Remain Silent is a must for any GWAR aficionado. -GWARmageddon TRACKS: Interloper / Barbells / Cavity Search / Zipper Pig Welcome to New Jersey / Your Mother / The Party's Over 5-0 / Tune up Time / Third Leg / Paddy Wagon Rape / Highway Star / You Fucked Up

Interloper / Barbells / Cavity Search / Zipper Pig Welcome to New Jersey / Your Mother / The Party's Over 5-0 / Tune up Time / Third Leg / Paddy Wagon Rape / Highway Star / You Fucked Up

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