Nas-I Am... The Autobiography

Label: Columbia/Legacy
Format: Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3

Nas, I Am... The Autobiography (2x12” Black Vinyl)
I Am... The Autobiography 2LP vinyl, the long sought-after bootleg released commercially for the first time. Features 2 unreleased tracks, as well as many other rarities that have been on limited vinyl and 12" previously, as well as deluxe packaging. A must-have for any Nas and die-hard hip-hop head!

Side A
1. Fetus
2. Small World
3. Money Is My Bitch

Side B
1. Project Windows
2. Poppa Was a Playa
3. Dr. Knockboots (Doe's and Don't)

Side C
1. Day Dreamin' Stay Schemin'****
2. Sometimes I Wonder (feat. Nature)
3. Hardest Thing To Do Is Stay Alive**** 4. Drunk By Myself

Side D
1. I Wanna Play***
2. Blaze a 50
3. We Will Survive

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