Electric Blood-Transfusion

Label: Third Man Records
Format: 2xLP (Transparent Black w/Blood Drops Vinyl)

1978 -2013 Home recordings from founding member of The Bats and OG member of The Clean, Robert Scott's "Family Band", Electric Blood. Record Store Day Black Friday 2023 Exclusive variant Transparent black with blood drops 150g vinyl Wide spine jacket with 2 printed Euro sleeves

Side A Don't Ring Us The Ballad of Billy Ball Marcie Black Bess Examinations Have You Seen Marco Morons Fishermen Flying Whale Pennsylvania Side B Cat Man What's Yours Budgie Narthex Skinny Malinky Medicine Man Even The Colour Of Her Hair Gizmo Windowsill Boot Your Car Side C The Hill Sampson Stroll Starfish Lampshade The Fugitive Skarindy Dindi Bonnie Lass O' Fyvie Cockies I Owe You So Much Side D Nut Brown Maiden Three Craws Paddy Donald Beef Gang Close Quo Findlay Chocolate Hoarding Wars The River The Last Shower Interfere Wi' Me Gay Vikings

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