C-Bo-Gas Chamber

Label: Compound Interest
Format: 12'' LP

Hailing from Sacramento, CA, C-Bo was one of the OG Pioneers of West Coast Hip-Hop in the early 1990's. Released in 1993, "Gas Chamber" was his debut album and actually celebrated its 30th Anniversary this year! This Record Store Day exclusive will be the only 30th Anniversary product released for this title. There are plans to have a special colorway and packaging to celebrate this historic milestone!

1. Black 64 2. Gas Chamber 3. Realer Than Real 4. Danked Out 5. Marked For Death 6. Liquor Sto 7. Scratch From 8. Blad Head Nut 9. Play 4G 10. Survival In The Garden 11. Chronic Conference 12. 4-Deep 13. Shots Out

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