Salvation Army-Salvation Army

Label: Yep Roc Records
Format: LP Vinyl

Befour The Three O'Clock, Michael Quercio was the lead singer/bassist of The Salvation Army, who released their self-titled album just six-months after releasing their debut, a 45, on D. Boon's (Minutemen) New Alliance label. This album is being released for the first time, under its original title, since it was originally released in 1982, exclusively for Record Store Day. In celebration of the album's 40th anniversary, it's being pressed on color vinyl.

Side A: 1. She Turns To Flowers 2. Upside Down 3. The Seventeen Forever 4. Mind Gardens 5. Grimly Forming Side B: 1. While We Were In Your Room Talking To Your Wall 2. Minuet 3. Happen Happened 4. I Am Your Guru 5. Going Home

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