Tad-Infrared Riding Hood (Limited Aqua Vinyl Edition)

Label: Real Gone Music
Format: LP

Tad was a band that couldn't buy a break. First sued for album cover art by Pepsi among others, dropped by a major label (Giant) for showing Bill Clinton with a joint in his hand…and then right when Infrared Riding Hood came out, their A&R rep at EastWest got canned along with all of her bands. Which explains why this 1995 record has never seen a US LP release...till now! It's a sludge and grunge fest (grudge fest?), right up the alley for fans of the Melvins and those whose tastes lean more leather than flannel. Aqua blue pressing limited to 1100 copies, exclusive for Record Store Day!

Ictus; Bullhorn; Thistle Suit; Emotional Cockroach; Red Eye Angel; Bludge; Dementia; Weakling; Halcyon Nights; Particle Accelerator; Tool Marks; Mystery Copter

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