Tom Tom Club-Tom Tom Club (Expanded Edition) [RSD23 EX]

Label: Rhino / Sire
Format: 2LP; 180-gram; gatefold sleeve

Founded in 1981 by Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth as a side project from Talking Heads, this 2LP expanded edition of their classic debut album features the original album recut from the original tapes (including the timeless classics Wordy Rappinghood and Genius of Love (famously sampled by Mariah Carey, Latto, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five and countless others)) plus a bonus LP of 12” mixes and rare single tracks. *NORTH AMERICA RIGHTS ONLY

A1.WORDY RAPPINGHOOD[6:27] (Tom Tom Club) [USWB10106525] A2.GENIUS OF LOVE[5:34] (Tom Tom Club) [USWB10106527] A3.TOM TOM THEME[1:25] (Tom Tom Club) [USWB10106529] A4.L'ÉLÉPHANT[4:50] (Tom Tom Club) [USWB10106530]  B1.AS ABOVE, SO BELOW[5:23] (Tom Tom Club) [USWB10106532] B2.LORELEI[5:05] (Tom Tom Club) [USWB10106534] B3.ON, ON, ON, ON…[3:33] (Tom Tom Club) [USWB10106536]  B4.BOOMING AND ZOOMING[4:32] (Tom Tom Club) [USWB10106537] C1.WORDY RAPPINGHOOD (REMIX)[6:39] (Tom Tom Club) [USWB10106542] C2.SPOOKS[6:28] (Tom Tom Club) [USWB12205826]  C3.GENIUS OF LOVE (LONG VERSION)[7:24] (Tom Tom Club) [USWB10106543]  D1.UNDER THE BOARDWALK[5:44] (Resnick/Young) [USWB10106538]  D2.ON, ON, ON… (REMIX)[3:44] (Tom Tom Club) [USWB12205827]  D3.LORELEI (REMIX)[6:20] (Tom Tom Club) [USWB10106539] 

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