Stelvio Cipriani-Blindman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Label: ABKCO Music & Records, Inc.
Format: LP

Available on vinyl for the first time as limited edition blood splatter. Blindman, originally released in 1971, features music by Italian composer Stelvio Cipriani. Cipriani alternates between classically orchestrated soundtrack music and mariachi-inflected themes, staying true to the thematic motifs of the film. Includes original film poster and new liner notes by acclaimed musician/songwriter and film soundtrack enthusiast Gary Lucas.

1. Main Titles 2. Blindman's Arrival 3. Blindman's Mariachi 4. Blindman Vs. Bandidos 5. Lonely Horseman 6. Blindman Escapes 7. Blindman's Mariachi #2 8. A Man's Revenge 9. Zatoichi In The West 10. Blindman's Mariachi #3 11. Fifty Women For Blindman 12. Rescuing The Girls 13. The Procession 14. Blindman Strikes Back 15. Blindman's Mariachi #4 16. Final Confrontation 17. Finale & End Titles

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