Porcupine Tree-IA / DW / XT ( 12" EP )

Label: Transmission
Format: 12"

PORCUPINE TREE – ‘IA/DW/XT' FEATURING FOUR TRACKS PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED ON VINYL AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY FOR RSD 2023 This Record Store Day, Porcupine Tree present a 12” of tracks pulled from the ‘In Absentia' & Deadwing deluxe editions, previously unreleased on vinyl until now. ‘In Absentia' was Porcupine Tree's seventh studio album & was the first in a run of three albums that for many represent the pinnacle of the band's artistic achievements. Not many albums can claim to have created a new genre, but with its fusion of metal, progressive rock, ambient textures & acoustic singer-songwriter styled material, it became something of a blueprint for a generation of bands to come. Originally released in 2005, ‘Deadwing' was Porcupine Tree's eighth studio album following their breakthrough with ‘In Absentia'. It was critically lauded & solidified the bands' position at forefront of modern progressive rock. ‘IA/DW/XT' is Available as a limited edition 12” for RSD 2023 via Transmission.

A1 - Drown With Me A2 - Chloroform B1 - Revenant B2 - Mother & Child Divided

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