Ol' Dirty Bastard-Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version (RSD23 EX)

Label: Rhino / Elektra
Format: 2LP Picture Disc

2LP picture disc version of ODB's 1995 debut album Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version. Features the classic tracks “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”, “Brooklyn Zoo”, Hippa to da Hoppa”.

A1.INTRO (EXPLICIT VERSION)[2020 REMASTER][4:47] () [USEE12000012] A2.SHIMMY SHIMMY YA (EXPLICIT VERSION) [2020 REMASTER][2:41] (R. Jones, R. Diggs) [USEE12000013] A3.BABY C'MON (EXPLICIT VERSION) [2020 REMASTER][3:26] (R. Jones, R. Diggs) [USEE12000014] A4.BROOKLYN ZOO (EXPLICIT VERSION) [2020 REMASTER][3:38] (R. Jones, D. Harris) [USEE12000015] B1.HIPPA TO DA HOPPA (EXPLICIT VERSION) [2020 REMASTER][3:02] (R. Jones, R. Diggs) [USEE12000016] B2.RAW HIDE (EXPLICIT VERSION) [2020 REMASTER][4:02] (R. Jones, R. Diggs, C. Woods, C. Smith) [USEE12000017] B3.DAMAGE (EXPLICIT VERSION) [2020 REMASTER] [2:48] (R. Jones, G. Grice, R. Diggs) [USEE12000018] B4.DON'T U KNOW (EXPLICIT VERSION) [2020 REMASTER][4:27] (R. Jones, R. Diggs) [USEE12000019] C1.THE STOMP (EXPLICIT VERSION) [2020 REMASTER] [2:23] (R. Jones) [USEE12000020]  C2.GOIN' DOWN (EXPLICIT VERSION) [2020 REMASTER] [4:20] (R. Jones, R. Diggs) [USEE12000021] C3.DRUNK GAME (SWEET SUGAR PIE) [EXPLICIT VERSION] [2020 REMASTER][4:21] (R. Jones) [USEE12000022] C4.SNAKES (EXPLICIT VERSION) [2020 REMASTER] [5:27] (R. Jones, R. Diggs) [USEE12000023] D1.BROOKLYN ZOO II (TIGER CRANE) [EXPLICIT VERSION] [2020 REMASTER][7:21] (R. Jones, T. Starks, R. Diggs) [USEE12000024] D2.PROTECK YA NECK II THE ZOO (EXPLICIT VERSION) [2020 REMASTER][4:00] (R. Jones, E. Chambers, O. Turner, W. Reed, V. Sims, F. Cuffie, R. Diggs) [USEE12000025] D3.CUTTIN' HEADZ (EXPLICT VERSION) [2020 REMASTER][2:28] (R. Jones, R. Diggs) [USEE12000026]

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