Nuggets-Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From the First Psychedelic Era (1964-1968)[50th Anniversary Box] [RSD23 EX]
Label: Rhino
Format: 5LP

50th anniversary of the groundbreaking and influential compilation of the first generation of psychedelic artists curated by Lenny Kaye. This box set includes the original 2-LP set, the planned but unreleased Vol. 2, and a single LP of songs that were considered for the original set, but didn't make the final cut. Like the original, this set is curated by Lenny Kaye and with the full involvement of Jac Holzman - the original pioneers of Nuggets. Lenny is also writing new complete notes.

Side One 1. I HAD TOO MUCH TO DREAM (LAST NIGHT) - The Electric Prunes[3:00] (Tucker/Mantz) Produced under license from Warner Records Inc. [ISRC] 2.DIRTY WATER - The Standells[2:48] (Ed Cobb) Licensed from Capitol Records. [ISRC] 3.NIGHT-TIME - The Strangeloves[2:33] (Feldman/Goldstein/Gottehrer) Under license from CBS Records. [ISRC] 4.LIES - The Knickerbockers[2:44] (S. Charles/B. Randall) Licensed from Challenge Records. [ISRC] 5.RESPECT - The Vagrants[2:16] (Otis Redding) Produced under license from Atlantic Recording Corp. [ISRC] 6.A PUBLIC EXECUTION - Mouse[2:49] (Knox Henderson/Ronnie Weiss) Licensed from Fraternity Records. [ISRC] 7.NO TIME LIKE THE RIGHT TIME - The Blues Project[2:47] (Al Kooper) Under license from MGM Record Corp. [ISRC]   Side Two 1.OH YEAH - The Shadows Of Knight[2:49] (McDaniel) Produced under license from Atlantic Recording Corp. [ISRC] 2.PUSHIN' TOO HARD - The Seeds[2:37] (Sky Saxon) Licensed from GNP Crescendo Records. [ISRC] 3.MOULTY - The Barbarians[2:35] (B. Baer/D. Morris/E. Greenberg/R. Schwartz) Under license from EMI Music Marketing. [ISRC] 4.DON'T LOOK BACK - The Remains[2:44] (B. Vera) Under license from CBS Records. [ISRC] 5.INVITATION TO CRY - The Magicians[2:58] (A. Gordon/J. Woods) Under license from CBS Records. [ISRC] 6.LIAR, LIAR - The Castaways[1:55] (James Donna) Licensed from Soma Record Company. [ISRC] 7.YOU'RE GONNA MISS ME - The Thirteenth Floor Elevators[2:30] (Roky Ericson) Courtesy of ApS by arrangement with Nola Leone/Ace Music Services, LLC. [ISRC]   Side Three 1.PSYCHOTIC REACTION - Count Five[3:08] (Atkinson/Bryne/Michalski/Ellner/Chaney) Licensed from The Bicycle Music Company. [ISRC] 2.HEY JOE - The Leaves[2:52] (Chester Powers) Licensed from Mira Records. [ISRC] 3.JUST LIKE ROMEO AND JULIET - Michael And The Messengers[2:01] (B. Hamilton/F. Gorman) Licensed from Paula Records, a Division of Sue Records. [ISRC] 4.SUGAR AND SPICE - The Cryan Shames[2:31] (Fred Nightingale) Under license from CBS Records. [ISRC] 5.BABY PLEASE DON'T GO - The Amboy Dukes[5:40] (Joe Williams) Courtesy of Mainstream Records. [ISRC] 6.TOBACCO ROAD - The Blues Magoos[4:43] (J.D. Loudermilk) Courtesy of The Island Def Jam Music Group, under license from Universal Music Enterprises. [ISRC]   Side Four 1.LET'S TALK ABOUT GIRLS - Chocolate Watch Band[2:44] (M. Frieser) Licensed from Capitol Records. [ISRC] 2.SIT DOWN I THINK I LOVE YOU - The Mojo Men[2:23] (Stephen Stills) Produced under license from Warner Records Inc. [ISRC] 3.RUN, RUN, RUN - The Third Rail[1:56] (A. Resnick/J. Levine/K. Resnick) Under license from CBS Records. [ISRC] 4.MY WORLD FELL DOWN - Sagittarius[3:50] (G. Usher) Under license from CBS Records. [ISRC] 5.OPEN MY EYES - Nazz[2:46] (Todd Rundgren) Under license from Alchemedia Productions, Inc. [ISRC] 6.FARMER JOHN - The Premiers[2:27] (Terry/Harris) Produced under license from Warner Records Inc. [ISRC] 7.IT'S-A-HAPPENING - The Magic Mushrooms[2:48] (Sonny Casella) Courtesy of A&M Records, Inc. [ISRC]

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