Label: Southern Lord
Format: 2xLP

Heroin - “Discography” is both a Dear John letter to the outside world and a love letter to the underground Punk/HC community. This collection of recordings from the 90's contains all of the OOP 7”s and 12”s, compilation tracks, as well as the session the band recorded at the infamous Inner Ear Studios in Washington, DC, and never heard before unreleased songs. A double LP Gatefold “tip on” jacket is beautifully packaged with a special zine with tons of photos and liner notes by Sonny Kay.

Side A (1) 1. Meaning Less 2. A Portion 3. The Obvious 4. We Can Never Know 5. In General 6. Moving Parts 7. Another Side B (2) 1. Leave 2. Wander 3. Blind 4. With No Name 5. Head Cold 6. Undertaking 7. Indecision Side C (3) 1. This Time 2. Never Ever 3. Has Been 4. I've Got Mine 5. Cost* 6. Wander* 7. Things Change* Side D (4) 1. Comes To Mind 2. How Could I* 3. Compelled* 4. This Time* 5. A Portion* 6. Undertaking* 7. Has Been 8. Destination 9. Second Coming

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