Beauty Pill-Beauty Pill Describes Things as They Are (COKE BOTTLE CLEAR VINYL)

Label: Misra Records
Format: 2xLP Vinyl

Beauty Pill's ambitious double album Describes Things As They Are was originally released in 2015 to rave reviews. NPR Music, Rolling Stone and Magnet Magazine all named it as one of the best albums of the year, the latter linking the album to “both Revolver and Stankonia…”! The album's status has only grown as TIME Magazine recently listed it as one of the ten best albums of the decade. Finally reissued in both a beautiful double vinyl package featuring a unique one-time-only variant and a deluxe CD package. Both include unreleased material and an amazing remaster by Chris Shaw. (This is a 2023 Record Store Day release.)

1. Drapetomania! 2. Afrikaner Barista 3. Ann The Word 4. Steven & Tiwonge 5. Ain't A Jury In The World Gon' Convict You, Baby 6. Exit Without Saving 7. The Prize 8. Dog With Rabbit In Mouth, Unharmed 9. For Pretend 10. When Cornered 11. Near Miss Stories 12. Ann The Word

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