Alan Silvestri-Summer Rental (Soundtrack)

Label: 1984 / Rusted Wave
Format: LP. Blue Vinyl, first time on vinyl, gatefold

First-time vinyl soundtrack release for the 1985 John Candy classic comedy Summer Rental. "Your Wife's On My Wham-O!" frisbee blue-colored vinyl. Limited worldwide to 800 copies. Newly remastered score by Alan Silvestri, whose other films include the Back to the Future trilogy and several Marvel Cinematic Universe films including the Avengers series. Also includes the song "Dolores," with vocals by Summer Rental director Carl Reiner. Gatefold packaging featuring original Paramount film stills. "Your Wife's On My Wham-O!" frisbee blue-colored 150 gram vinyl gatefold packaging

SIDE A: 1. Main Title 2. Here We Go 3. Tangerine 4. Volleyball Game 5. I'm A Sailor / First Sailing Trip 6. Dolores (vocals by Carl Reiner) 7. The Sea / I Still Love You 8. It Could Work / Our Own Luck SIDE B: 1. Dads And Daughters 2. Waiting For Angus 3. The Race Begins / The Race Part Two / End Of Race 4. End Credits

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