Agnostic Front-United Blood - The Extended Session

Label: Bridge Nine Records
Format: 12"

Originally recorded and released in 1983, Agnostic Front's 'United Blood' EP helped lay the foundation for New York Hardcore. This extended session 12" features unreleased versions of the band's classic and earliest recordings, made available exclusively for Record Store Day 2023.

Side A) 1.No One Rules 2.Smell The Bacon / What's With You 3.Fuck All Authority 4.In Control 5.Blind Justice 6.Final War 7.Friend Or Foe 8.Traitor 9.Last Warning Side B) 1.Society Suckers 2.Get Out (Unfinished Take) 3.Crucial Changes 4.We Should Care 5.Discriminate Me 6.Last Warning (Alternate Take) 7.Fight 8.Intro Bust 9.United Blood

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