Our Lady Peace 🍁-Collected 1994 - 2022 (2 LP) (Clear Vinyl)

Label: Sony Music Canada
Format: 2LP

A brand new compilation for 2023, “Collected 1994-2022” features 18 of the biggest tracks from Our Lady Peace along with 2 never before released rarities, all presented in a special limited, 2 x 180 gram clear, die-cut sleeve edition, remastered from the original recording with stampers cut from Lacquers approved by the band. Includes the big hits from Gravity, Clumsy, Naveed, Happiness...Is Not a Fish That You Can Catch, Spiritual Machines, Healthy In Paranoid Times, Curve, Somethingness and Spiritual Machines 2.

LP 1 Side A 1. Starseed 2. Naveed 3. Superman’s Dead 4. Clumsy 5. 4am LP 1 Side B 1. Thief 2. One Man Army 3. Is Anybody Home? 4. In Repair 5. Life LP 2 Side A 1. Somewhere Out There 2. Innocent 3. Angels/Losing/Sleep 4. Heavyweight 5. Julia (Live) Our Lady Peace feat. Sarah Slean LP 2 Side B 1. Drop Me in the Water 2. Ballad of a Poet 3. Stop Making Stupid People Famous – Our Lady Peace feat. Pussy Riot 4. Run 5. Tomorrow Never Knows (Live)

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