A Place To Bury Strangers-Hologram - Destroyed & Reassembled (Remix Album)
Label: Dedstrange
Format: LP Vinyl

Hologram: Destroyed & Reassembled LP is an album of remixes of songs from the A Place To Bury Strangers EP Hologram, featuring an awesome group of bands including Girl Band, Penelope Isles, Do Nothing, Bodega, Weeping Icon, Ganser, Ceremony East Coast, plus bands from our label including Randy Randall (No Age), Data Animal, Jealous, and Plattenbau, and two of our favorite remixers Grimoose & The Bodies Obtained. There will be 2600 LPs of white vinyl worldwide.

Side A
1. End Of The Night (Data Animal Remix)
2. I Might Have (Plattenbau Remix)
3. I Need You (Grimoose Remix)
4. In My Hive (Ceremony East Coast Remix)
5. End Of The Night (The Bodies Obtained Remix)
6. In My Hive (Jealous Remix)

Side B
7. End Of The Night (Daniel Fox/Girl Band Remix)
8. Playing The Part (Penelope Isles Remix)
9. I Might Have (Randy Randall Remix)
10. Playing the Part (Bodgea Ben Remix)
11. In My Hive (Do Nothing Remix)
12. Playing The Part (Weeping Icon Remix)
13. I Need You (Ganser Remix)

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