Coney Hatch, one of Canada’s iconic rock bands will release a live album titled “Postcard From Germany” via Anthem Records this Friday November 10th. In celebration of this release, Coney Hatch will perform their final live performance of 2023 at the famed El Mocambo in Toronto on Saturday, November 11th.

“We’ve been halfway around the world this summer with shows at Sweden Rock and Hamburg, Germany,” says singer/bassist Andy Curran. “So, returning to the El Mocambo is a special homecoming for us. We love playing in Toronto, it’s where we began this ride, and it’s a perfect time to celebrate 40 years together.”

Recorded on December 12, 2018, at HEAT Festival in Ludwigsburg, “Postcard from Germany” is a live recording of Coney Hatch’s first-ever live show in Germany. Comprised of a double CD, in addition to "Postcard from Germany," two new songs will be included, as well as a remastered version of Coney Hatch's classic self-titled debut.

This special edition 2 disc CD will be available for purchase at all physical retailers across Canada and at the band’s live show on Nov 11 in Toronto.

“It was our very first time in Germany and the show was electric,” recalls Curran. “It was full on combat rock!!! We flew many hours to get there and quickly settled in with German beers and Schnitzel. The final results were more raw and in your face compared to previous live recordings. We also included more songs from our ‘Friction’ record in that set list”.

“Postcard from Germany;" features almost all of the expected Coney classics “Devil’s Deck”, “Monkey Bars” and “Stand Up” as well as two newly- recorded studio tunes ‘It’s About A Girl” and “Heaven’s on the Other Side”.

“This album has a different set list from the ‘Live at the El Mocambo’ record, plus two new studio tracks we recorded over Covid. I produced those two new songs, and it marks the first-time guitarist Sean Kelly has been involved with recording of new Hatch songs. Sean stepped into the lead guitar role in 2014 and we’re proud to have him.”

In addition to Curran and Kelly, the group also includes original members lead vocalist/guitarist Carl Dixon and drummer Dave Ketchum.

Regarding the two new tracks, the band was willing to give background info about each. Curran: “‘Heaven's on the Other Side’ was written around the time we recorded ‘Coney Hatch Four,’ and we finally got around to finishing it during the lockdown. The message is simple…keep the faith and trudge on through the bad times because the good times are always just around the corner. I also felt I was long overdue to write another song about the devil!!”

Dixon: “I had an idea driving ‘It’s About a Girl’; women are wonderful, women got the power, women gave every one of us our life. We men will do anything to get their attention. It's Always About a Girl.”

Along with the ripping live set recording, and 2 new unreleased tracks, ‘Postcard From Germany’ album will be bundled with a remastered edition of the band’s iconic debut record CONEY HATCH, produced by Canada’s favorite vocalist/guitarist Kim Mitchell.

Tickets and VIP M&G’s to the Toronto show are on sale now and can be purchased here:


CD 1 - CONEY HATCH (Remastered):

1. Devil’s Deck
2. You Ain’t Got Me
3. Stand Up
4. No Sleep Tonight
5. Love Poison
6. We Got The Night
7. Hey Operator
8. I’ll Do The Talkin’
9. Victim Of Rock
10. Monkey Bars

CD 2 - POSTCARD FROM GERMANY:1. It’s About A Girl (Studio 2022)
2. Heaven’s On The Other Side (Studio 2022)
3. We Got The Night
4. Stand Up
5. Blown Away
6. Boys Club
7. She’s Gone
8. This Ain’t Love
9. Wrong Side Of Town
10. Girl From Last Night’s Dream
11. Fantasy
12. Fallen Angel
13. Don’t Say Make Me
14. Devil’s Deck
15. Monkey Bars
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