Fans of vintage, Canadian melodic rock should make room in their record collections for two new reissues available today – Andy Curran’s 1990 debut solo effort Whiskey and the Devil 30th and Harem Scarem’s 1993 sophomore offering Mood Swings. Both projects are now being offered as exclusive, limited-edition releases only available on SING Market.

Each release includes a vinyl package and a matching digital package, which also contains digital-only extras – at a retail price for each package of USD $89.95, plus shipping.

“Working on my solo album decades later was a trip down memory lane,” recalls Curran (founder of Coney Hatch and Envy of None with Rush’s Alex Lifeson) about the new reissue entitled Whiskey and the Devil 30th. “I completely forgot about two songs we recorded during those sessions but that weren’t included on the original release - so now, many years later, they will be part of this release. This was also the first time I produced a record… which was a white-knuckle ride! Winning a Juno Award that year was the icing on the cake. It was only ever released in Canada, so I’m excited to shine the spotlight back on this one.”

Iron Maiden/British Lion bassist, Steve Harris, is a big fan of Curran’s solo record, adding: “I’ve been listening to this album for 30 years and it still sounds great!”

Harem Scarem lead singer Harry Hess recollects, “June 2023 will mark the 30-year anniversary of the release of our second album, Mood Swings. This record took us to another level internationally, being released in over 50 countries and voted Kerrang! Magazine’s rock album of the year. We are excited to revisit the songs, recording five new acoustic bonus tracks and releasing the original remastered recordings on vinyl for the first time ever.”

These new hybrid packages include serial-numbered digital collectibles, permanently capped at a preset quantity using blockchain technology – once they’re sold out, no more can ever be produced. SING guarantees fans own their music – just like a numbered print, fans have true ownership of each package and artist-authorized proof of its authenticity. No knowledge of crypto is ever needed to use SING – just a love of great music and a credit card, debit card or Apple Pay.

Both exclusive packages are available now for immediate purchase on SING Market at the following links:

Andy Curran – Whiskey and the Devil 30thClick Here to Purchase

Check out the Andy Curran unboxing video here:

You’ll Receive:
  • Cherry red double 180-gram audiophile LPs (Original Album remixed with two previously unreleased tracks, plus Live in Vancouver performances)
  • Whiskey and the Devil Tattoo Kit
  • Andy Curran Vintage Tour Pass
  • Andy Curran Fantoons designed mini Cereal Box
  • An 8 x 10 High Gloss Photo
  • An Exclusive re-print of Andy’s infamous private Biker Gang Show ticket (VIP CARD)
  • A Whiskey and the Devil 30th Album Art Sticker
  • A golden ticket entry to win a Fender Precision Bass Guitar (Classic 60’s), autographed by Andy Curran
Available for immediate download:
  • All the above vinyl tracks plus 2 additional “studio” out-takes, newly remixed by Juno Award-winning engineer Vic Florencia, delivered as MP3 files
  • Original 1990 record re-mastered
  • Music videos for No Tattoos and License to Love singles
  • 5 Pre-recorded deal demos (these were the actual demos that got Andy his first record deal!)
  • Original Track Sheets from the Metalworks sessions
Harem Scarem – Mood SwingsClick Here to Purchase

Check out the Harry Hess unboxing video here:

You’ll receive:
  • Purple 180-gram audiophile LP with Companion Compact Disc (includes bonus tracks)
  • 24” x 36” Mood Swings Tour Poster (Re-issue from Mood Swings tour)
  • Re-issued VIP All Access Pass
  • Mood Swings Custom Drink Coaster
  • VIP Metallic Membership Card - Meet and Greet the Artist at Harem Scarem Live Events
  • Metallic band logo sticker
  • A Golden ticket entry with every purchase to be entered to win a Seagull guitar made by Godin Guitars and signed by the band
Available for immediate download:
  • Vinyl tracks in MP3 format
  • 5 Acoustic Bonus Tracks
  • Harem Scarem VIP Fan Club Membership
  • Live Photos
  • Fan Art Banners
  • Studio Track Sheets
  • A Making-of Video - (mini documentary made for the 30th Anniversary edition)
  • Mood Swings Songbook (digital version)
Curran and Hess added fire power by teaming up with SING and arranging physical manufacturing and distribution. Curran added, “Harry and I have so many friends in the business who either had record deals, or are between deals, but they control their content. We have had lots of calls asking for help, so we set up a scenario whereby the artist owns everything, and we’re simply the vehicle to help them put it all in one place for their fans to access. We can’t name names just yet, but we have had lots of interest, so look for more SING limited-edition digital releases in the coming months."

Founded in 2019, Seattle-based SING is an online record store that puts artists and fans first by offering curated digital and physical products that you won’t find anywhere else. “We’re thrilled to be working with Andy Curran and Harem Scarem on two of their most iconic albums,” says SING CEO, Geoff Osler. “These exclusive releases will give fans a unique opportunity to truly own these records in both vinyl and digital formats – with never before possible digital bonus material that fans can download and enjoy immediately.”

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